#CS058 Building lives for better future

February 18, 2019

Helping Plan

Humanity has many needs. To feel safe and sheltered, to have a comfortable home, to have electricity and water, to be able to pay for the education of one’s children, to be able to put food on the table and most of all, to be able to stay out of debt as we work to attain those needs.
One of our brothers from Nuwaraeliya, a married man, with 4 children used to earn enough at one time in his life when he worked as a security guard for more than 6 years. With his meager income he still managed to pay for the educational expenses of his 3 college going sons. With the remainder, he was barely able to provide for his family’s basic needs.
The family of 6 lived in a 50 year old house that has been under construction for decades. Despite saving for more than 8 years for this purpose, the house remained incomplete. The ceiling, walls and floors needed work and there were no proper doors and windows. The only bathroom was an outhouse toilet. The house was wired for electricity but he couldn’t afford to have electricity. He recently had to resign from his job and now cannot pay for his sons’ education and the family’s daily expenses. In addition to all this, his daughter’s wedding has been set for March.
We at CareStation felt we should give a hand. Falling into debt is a burden that we all must pray to be saved from.
How we helped :
Through the good Samaritans of our community, we managed to raise enough funds to pay for his electricity connection and to do some construction on the house. We requested for and obtained a light post near his house. The floors were filled and cemented and the walls plastered and painted. We also built a bathroom in the house. In addition, we collected and donated bridal necessities for his daughter’s wedding.
To make ends meet, he has turned to farming his front yard. Unfortunately, water is scarce in the area and they need the rain water for domestic purposes however with renewed hope our brother is optimistic about a livelihood in farming and believes he can succeed with a better irrigation system.