#CS026 A Triumph Over Adversity: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

January 29, 2024

Helping Plan

She was in her early twenties when she was forced to take up the role of sole breadwinner for her family. Both her parents were unable to work any longer, and she had a younger sister to care for, as well.
They were both young girls with dreams, and their lives ahead of them. They were hard working and academically motivated.
They lived in a rundown house, and had no money to see their dreams and degrees through.
And that’s where Carestation was able to help. We raised funds for this young girl to complete an English Degree so she could go on to do her BCom, which we also wanted to eventually support her in. We also funded her younger sister’s university hostel fee. As the years passed, we were able to see this young girl through to the very end of her degree, and we celebrated her as she entered the workforce as a graduate.
Today, we are so proud to see her preparing for her marriage with her own savings, having grown into her own self, having achieved her dreams, and able to earn for her family.
We at Carestation are honoured to be part of her journey, and we know her as part of the CS family. Our beneficiaries are more than one-time projects to us, our beneficiaries are our people who become family. Our happiness is seeing them succeed, seeing them standing on their own two feet. We form lasting connections and friendships with our beneficiaries, and we celebrate their wins just as we help them through their losses.
We are so grateful to our donors for having funded every aspect of this young girl’s education. Your contributions have helped secure the life of a young girl and her family, and helped lay the foundations for so much more.