#CS037 An inspiring Journey of Dreams: How Two Sisters Overcame Obstacles

March 30, 2024

Helping Plan

From having known these two young girls as teenagers in early 2018, struggling to cope with their father’s passing, provided for by their widowed mother’s meagre salary as a house help, doing their best to make it in their academics— to seeing them grow into the talented young women they are now, six years on.
The older daughter was 19 (sitting for her A Levels) and the younger daughter was 15 (sitting for her O Levels) when we first got to know of their plight. They were extraordinarily gifted students, but they were struggling with their studies since their father’s sudden passing. They had no means of paying for their tuition classes, and they lived in a decrepit one-room house.
We at Carestation wanted to see them grow into their potential, and so we raised funds to pay for their academic expenses.
We were able to sponsor for their education, and we provided funds to cover the older daughter’s medical expenses, as she suffered from depression and epilepsy. We ensured we were with them, every step of the way, even replacing the older daughter’s laptop battery, making sure they had everything they needed in order to achieve their dreams and become the people they had the potential of becoming.
Today, the older daughter is in her final year of studying Law, and the younger daughter is studying an external degree at the University of Colombo. We couldn’t be prouder of the women they have become, and they’ve managed to see their dreams through despite all the hardship they’ve had to endure.
We at Carestation are privileged to have been part of their journey, and we will cheer them on always. We are so grateful to every single donor who contributed to the cause of these young girls, contributing to helping them achieve the future they may otherwise only have been able to dream of.
Thank you, all. And kudos to our two young girls! The CareStation family will always be here to cheer you on.