#CS142 Completed Construction of a Well

October 12, 2020

Helping Plan

CS 142 Completed Construction of a Well.
Doing mason work to support his wife and three month old infant daughter, this man strives to earn an income everyday.
One of the many struggles they have to face in their poverty-stricken condition is a lack of water facilities due to which they have to carry heavy pails of water to and from a nearby pond for their water usage. In addition to the fact that this involves a great deal of manual labour with the wife also suffering a miscarriage because of it, the pond water is not hygienic enough even for toilet use.
Although they purchase drinking water at the rate of Rs 50 per bottle, this is not viable in the long term. Furthermore, their situation has become more desperate since then, as the pond has begun to dry up due to the hot weather conditions.
We asked our kind donors for help in funding this venture and with the donation we receieved we were able to provide a water well for a family in need!