#CS153 Library Project

March 26, 2021

Helping Plan

Team Carestation completed the library project at H/Wigamuwa Primary School in Wigamuwa, after days of hard work, fundraising and picking up books to fill the shelves of the library.
The school organized a formal opening of the library, where Team Carestation was welcomed with warmth and hospitality. The most delightful gift was in seeing the students so enthusiastic at the prospect of having their own library, to read and learn at their leisure! We were entertained as the children and villagers showcased their talents onstage, along with speech, songs and dance!
The children of H/Wigamuwa Primary School had produced the best results in the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination despite lacking basic facilities, and we at Carestation are eager to see how they’ll go from strength to strength with the added facility of a library for their betterment!
The teachers of the school also gave us a very enthusiastic welcome and spoke to us about the lack of play and sports equipment at the school.
We at Carestation left the event feeling fulfilled in the knowledge that the children will learn and grow and improve– and we are grateful to everyone of you for your contribution to making this dream become a reality