#CS200 Ramadan Unity 2024 – Public Iftar Pack Distributions

April 8, 2024

Helping Plan

Sharing some moments from our recent public Iftar pack distributions. Despite the rain pouring down, the warmth of community spirit shone brighter than ever.
Passersby graciously stopped to receive the packs, offering heartfelt thanks and inquiring about the cause. Among them, a family with a mother and two sons, and a university student stranded at a bus stop, found solace in breaking their fast with our packs. Witnessing their gratitude was truly fulfilling.
One touching encounter involved a teen from another faith, who intended to give his pack to his Muslim friend instead to break fast. Moved by his gesture, we provided an extra pack so they both could share in the moment together.
Throughout the evening, we were humbled to facilitate several individuals who found themselves fasting in the rain with no means to break their fast. Each grateful recipient reminded us of the importance of our mission.
These food packs were for anyone in need, reflecting our commitment to embody the true essence of Ramadan—promoting generosity and fostering unity within our community.
We extend our deepest gratitude to our dedicated volunteers who, despite the downpour, continued to selflessly serve. Your dedication is the heart and soul of this project.
Together, we’re spreading love, kindness, and compassion—making this Ramadan season truly special for everyone. Thank you to all who contributed and supported our initiative.