#CS260 food for Needy 2024

March 24, 2024

Helping Plan

As we find ourselves in the first half of Ramadan, we are privileged to have food on our table. Yet, we cannot forget those who go without, eagerly awaiting a meal to break their fast. we’ve witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by those who go without food during the day, eagerly waiting to break their fast with a simple meal.
Your support can make a world of difference to them. Your donation, no matter the amount, has the power to provide nourishment and relief to those in need. Imagine the joy and gratitude in their hearts as they sit down to a meal, knowing that it’s because of your generosity.
Let’s come together and ensure that no one goes hungry this Ramadan. Your contribution, however small, can bring comfort and hope to someone’s life. Let’s be the reason they smile this month, knowing that they have a meal to break their fast.
Join us in spreading compassion and generosity this Ramadan. Your donations make it possible for us to reach more people and bring comfort to those in need.