#CS068 Empowering women with Self-Employment opportunities

February 13, 2019

Helping Plan

We take great pleasure in being able to help a young mother sustain herself with the use of a sewing machine. A mother of two who strived hard to provide for her children’s education and fulfill their basic needs whilst taking care of her blind husband whom she dearly loves, has struggled throughout her marriage to build a stable income for her family. She approached CareStation requesting for financial support.
Upon visiting her our field visit team realized she was skilled in sewing but was restricted in pursuing her passion as she couldn’t afford to purchase a sewing machine. She was confident she could make a decent living by sewing garments,rugs etc for individuals,and shops.
Her determination and willpower prompted us to provide a sustainable method of income and self-employment opportunity for her.
With the support of our dearest donors we were able to provide her with an industrial juki sewing machine, thus empowering her to start up a small business and earn sufficient income to help herself her family and be able to afford better standards of living, education for her children and expand her home based business.
Our team will also make regular visits, provide guidance and training to ensure effective utilization.
Here’s wishing her all the best on her new venture!