Rediscovering Hope by Empowering Women 2019 Anuradhapura

March 24, 2019

Helping Plan

Rediscovering Hope by Empowering Women
Carestation’s women empowerment program initiated in 2018 continues with our latest project taking place in anuradhapura in March 2019.
The aim of this project is to empower widows and women headed families around the country through the provision of sewing machines.
A sewing machine is something most of us need only when there’s mending to be done but to some women and their families, it can be a source of income through self-employment. It can give them access to jobs and help them fund their children’s education.
Deserving women with the necessary skills for tailoring receive sewing machines to help them start on this journey of self sufficiency.
So far we’ve distributed 15 juki machines in Kalutara (Aug 2018), 14 juki machines in Kandy (Sep 2018) and 1 machine in colombo.
Our latest project took us deep into Anuradhapura. In a ceremony hosted at Thirippane we provided 5 deserving and skilled women with Singer zig zag sewing machines.
We pray and hope that they will be empowered to provide for their family and become women who can stand strong on their own.
Our team continues to monitor and guide the women so as to ensure they put the sewing machines into effective use.