October 1, 2019

Helping Plan


Every year on children’s day we take children from care homes, villages, estates on special outings. We have gone to many places with the children over the years so this year we took the children from a child care home in Kandy to the Dehiwela Zoo.
The children had only read about lions, tigers, bears, etc.. and now they were able to see them. It was a good experience for them as they had never been to the zoo before.
It was so cool to see them so lit up with excitement. Just watching how amazed they were about the interesting facts our guide explained of each animal was fascinating. They truly came alive and that really warmed our heart.
We have always included good and tasty food, and snacks as a part of any trip that we take. We also included special gifts for each child a personalised mug and new clothes because more often than not the clothes they wear are always others old.
These outings are not only fun for the children, but they are also a learning experience. These trips help to create special memories for the children to treasure. Their world gets expanded by seeing and experiencing new things and greatly enhances his/her outlook on life and reduces the emotional complexes of being in a care home.
We really look forward to these outings and we will continue to take them every year.