#CS161 Iftar with the children

April 19, 2021

Helping Plan

our volunteers sat down for iftar with the children of Guardian Child development Centre in Digana.
The smiles of the children and their tangible happiness at iftar, was more satisfaction than the iftar itself.
We also gave them new clothes for Eid, and the kids were delighted to receive them, and try them out!
During these times, with a global pandemic upon us, Eid is not going to be the same. These children may not
have a massive feast, they may not have relatives visiting them, so we are hoping that these new clothes and the
excitement that comes with receiving them, will give them that festive feeling as they prepare to spend Eid at the Orphanage.
Caring for orphans is a quality that carries with it so much reward, a quality that softens our hearts.
And as we at Carestation had iftar with these children, we thought to ourselves of the reward that awaits us in the Hereafter in addition to the reward we have already been given, in witnessing their joy and their smiles, and in being able to contribute to their happiness in some way.