Special Souls Project by CareStation

January 26, 2019

Helping Plan


Showing a little love and kindness to differently abled children and adults was how our members at CareStation decided to start off their new year by participating in the Special Souls Project.
Prithipura in Wattala is a privately owned Care home that takes care of special needs children and adults who have mild to severe disability mostly caused by cerebral palsy.
Carestation initiated a field event through Facebook to visit Prithipura on Saturday, 26 Jan 2019 to spend some time with these special souls and lend a hand. Prior to the event our program coordinators visited the care home and met the management of Prithipura to arrange a date to visit with the team and to find out their guidelines and immediate requirements.
Members of the public generously contributed to this cause with donations worth 2 Lakh Rupees! We managed to collect more than the requested quantity of requirements, thanks to the generosity of our amazing donors.
On the day of the event we had a group of seventeen people who visited the Care home guided by our event lead and team members. We reached the care home around 10:30am. The team spent a little over three hours with the children before saying goodbye to them. We saw the caregivers doing a thankless job looking after these children, to ensure the children eat, learn and love just like any other children was utterly inspiring. In addition to the requested items we @Carestation also contributed 43 gifts to all of the caregivers at the home as a token of appreciation for their devoted service.
To everyone who contributed and volunteered, thank you for joining us on this special day and for taking the time to realize that no disability can take away the ability and perseverance of the human spirit.
Through your effort, kindness and love you have helped to raise that spirit a little more in some very special souls.