November 11, 2022

Helping Plan

SCHOOL MEAL PROGRAM UPDATE: 17,200 SCHOOL MEALS that have helped ease the hunger of schoolchildren.
Malnourishment among children is at an all-time high in Sri Lanka. Schoolchildren are collapsing in morning assemblies, and our country was recently declared the second highest in malnutrition in South Asia.
We at Carestation have been carrying out our School Meal Programme in order to do our part in helping to combat this issue. We supply meals to schools with a majority of students hailing from poverty-stricken families, and the school then distributes these meals to the students. Often, this meal is the only meal that many of these students have, for the whole day, because unfortunately, live in a country where three meals have become a luxury.
The menu for the school meals we provide is as follows:
Rice and curry (Vegetables, green leaves, egg/sprats),
Cereals (cowpea, chickeas, green gram),
Noodles with vegetables/egg,
Rotti/ pittu and curry,
A fruit (banana/papaw) for dessert.
We want to make sure to pack as much nutrients into this meal, as possible.
So far, we have been able to provide 17,200 such schoolmeals, We are continuing this school meal programme, to continue helping to feed the future of our country, to make sure that no child ever has to go hungry.
We are grateful for the support shown by our donors who have contributed to this project, and we hope for continued support as we battle one of the biggest crises of our time.