Baby Azeeza Update!

September 14, 2018

Helping Plan


Thank you for giving the gift of life .

We are proud to inform that the life of little baby Azeeza has been saved. Baby azeeza is recovering well post her liver transplant surgery and some of our team members visited her today. Illness is defeatable when you have enough strength and courage to fight every situation. Although
Life has been a rough start for baby azeeza who hid her pain and despair in her magnificent smile,she is now in good health and leading towards a blooming future.
Team carestation and baby azeeza’s parents are immensely beholden to all the magnanimous supporters,members,partners, organizations, volunteer groups, well wishers and individual donors from around the world who helped generously raise 7.5 million Sri Lankan Rupees to save the life of this little soul. We wish her all the happiness with great future ahead.❤
*Project: Baby Azeeza Liver Transplant* Pioneered by Khalib Cassim and supported by our dedicated CareStation volunteer team members. This project has been an outcome of true team effort by each and everyone of us.
The perseverance of working incessantly is only made possible by your support and trust in what we do. One more story with a happy ending thanks to you.