Follow up on Baby Azeeza 24.01.2020

January 24, 2020

Helping Plan

Baby Azeeza has been a beloved member of the Carestation family since two years ago when we first met her.
Frail and in critical condition, in immediate need of a liver transplant and without the finances to afford it, with doctors declaring she had only days left to live, Carestation launched a relentless fundraiser campaign and managed to raise close to 8 million, to send her to India for her surgery.
Two years since, she is now an endearing little chatterbox, completely recovered, and ready to attend her first day of Montessori!
We at Carestation are so excited to see her reach this milestone in her life, and look forward to celebrating many more with Baby Azeeza, a little girl who beat the odds to do more than survive, to go on to live life in full, and we are so proud to see her progress!
All praise to Almighty and We are greatly indebted to all who donated towards her surgery.
Team CareStation