#CS056 Transforming lives through the gift of mobility.

February 6, 2019

Helping Plan

Transforming lives through the gift of mobility.
This little boy the eldest of two, was born with cerebral palsy and a seizure in his infancy had left him with dysfunctional limbs. His loving mother also had health problems; she has been diagnosed with a rare disease called Ostium Secundum ASD. His father a devoted family man worked for a daily wage. He has sacrificed time and money to pay for their treatments. However, his earnings were not enough for him to buy his son a new wheelchair. Upon hearing their struggles our team of volunteers visited their house all the way in Anuradhapura and donated a wheelchair for his son. His parents expressed deep gratitude for this gift. Not only has their son received a renewed sense of hope and freedom — they have, too ❤
Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we were able to donate this child with a wheelchair!
Thank you for your part in easing the struggles of this family.