June 12, 2022

Helping Plan

With four children to feed —the youngest of whom is often sick and suffers from seizures—, this couple tried their best to keep the family financially afloat, despite the rent dues, the education expenses, utility bills and other daily needs.
The eggs from their chicken farm of around 25 hens provided them with just enough income that they could get by.
However, with the devastating floods in Puttalam, their farm was completely decimated, with only 8 out of 25 chickens remaining. Even these chickens were dying off, one by one, having fallen sick due to the floods.
Their only source of income at this point was the meagre salary earned by the father who worked as a part-time driver. This salary was barely enough to cover living costs.
We at Carestation helped this struggling family by purchasing hens to help re-establish their chicken farm.
These times are more dire than ever, with living costs steeply rising, and we at Carestation have never been so overwhelmed with requests for help