Sewing Machine Distribution – Kandy

September 21, 2018

Helping Plan

A sewing machine is one of the simplest and most effective resources to give a woman to help empower her to earn a living as a seamstress, and support her family to rise out of poverty.
Through our women empowerment program we distributed industrial sewinng machines to 13 widows from the Kalutara District earlier this month and we gave away 14 more sewing machines on the 23rd of September for chosen families living in the Central Province.
These women were selected based on their skills and financial status after personally visiting each of them and verifying to be in real need . The opportunity for these women to earn an income and stand on their own feet will go a long way in empowering them.
To you and I, a sewing machine might mean the occasional mending of clothes, but to a woman and her family somewhere, it is a powerful weapon against poverty.