#CS236 Annual Back To School- Holy Rosary Church, Colombo

March 30, 2023

Helping Plan

The right to education is a fundamental right of every human being. Unfortunately, for so many young children across the island, poverty stands in the way of being able to realize this right. With the recent economic recession, there have been countless reports of countless families having to choose between sending their child to school or being able to afford food for the family. This is a choice no parent should have to make. This is a choice no child should have to suffer.
That is why we at Carestation carry out our “Back To School” Project every year. We are so grateful to all those of you who contributed to this project and helped us raise more funds than we were even aiming for!
Our Back To School Packs and Shoe Vouchers were distributed across several schools, thanks to your donations.
The students of Holy Rosary Church — one of the beneficiaries of our project— received their vouchers and Back To School Packs with smiles on their faces! We thank all those of you who helped facilitate their journey to education, for helping to realize a fundamental right that these young children could otherwise have been deprived of.
Here’s to fixing the future with learned minds who understand the value of books and knowledge.