#CS236 Annual Back To School Shoe vouchers

May 16, 2023

Helping Plan

All children deserve beautiful childhoods.
In the less privileged parts of the country, the children of low-income earners go to school wearing worn slippers instead of shiny school shoes. In a family with several siblings, the parents are able to afford a pair of shoes for the youngest, while the older siblings go without. They do it with the grace of children who know suffering and poverty, and so they hold their sibling’s hand as they walk to school together, with worn slippers and a smile on their faces.
We at CareStation distributed School Shoe Vouchers to 25 such schoolchildren attending Ahadiyya School on Sunday. We are so grateful to all those of you who donated to this venture, and we cannot thank you enough for putting smiles of joy on the faces of these young children as they are able to walk to school in the new school shoes they’ve wanted for so long!
We are confident they will walk great paths, wearing these school shoes. Educating our children is our investment for a better future for this country, and it is our duty to do everything in our power to facilitate the future that we want to see.