#CS236 Annual back to school Mutwal- Colombo

May 9, 2023

Helping Plan

Hamza Muslim Vidyalaya is situated in the Mutuwal GS division of the Colombo district, and most of the students here are children of three-wheel drivers, and labourers in Pettah.
And no matter how hard they work, it isn’t easy for a three-wheel driver or a daily-wage labourer, to put food on the table in this economy. Spending hours in the hot sun hauling heavy loads, or waiting for hires all day and all night long, these breadwinners do their best to give their children a good life.
Through our Back To School project, we at Carestation were able to help ease the burden of 98 of the most deserving struggling families who earn very little income. With barely enough money to feed their families, education is often overlooked.
Through the distribution of the Back To School Packs and School Shoe Vouchers, we were able to help grant the students the ability to continue their education, the ability to continue to dream, the stepping stone to a better life.