#CS252 Annual Back to School project 2024 – Mannar District

March 12, 2024

Helping Plan

We are so grateful for all the funding we’ve received for this project! Your contributions have allowed so many children to continue their academic journey, to lay the foundations for their future. Because of you, we were able to distribute 107 Back-to-School packs to deserving schoolchildren in Mannar.
Of the children whose education you’ve helped fund, we have a child whose mother plucked up the courage to leave her drug addict husband behind, to give her son a chance at a better life. Your contributions helped her send her son to school.
A father was forced to send his son to school with his books in a shopping bag because he couldn’t afford to buy a satchel. Your contributions helped buy a bag and stationaries for his little boy.
A mother and father couldn’t send their child to school, because they couldn’t afford the stationery and books required. Your contributions helped the child to resume their academic journey.