Adding Smiles!!

December 14, 2017

Helping Plan

Children are one of the reasons why the world is so beautiful. CareStation team together with Voice foundation was so privileged to get the opportunity to add smiles on those little angels on the evening of 8th December 2017 as they celebrated the much loved Christmas party with Santa Claus and the jester which was an amazing entertainment experience for our little humans.
The yummy Bon bons and the starry gifts surely made their day. All this wouldn’t have been possible if not for our generous, kind hearted donors who went out of the way to sponsor the gifts to the little hearts…
We thank all the donors , Voice foundation for organizing the event. We are grateful to our sponsors for the meal and all the lovely children at ladies college colombo for donating the amazing gifts these kids were thrilled to receive them.
Also thanks to our volunteer team members who volunteered as santa and clown and all those who engaged in many activities at the event to make it a success.
Nothing would be more precious than the beautiful little souls, who had a great evening, because we were surrounded by a team of dedicated lovely people whose only goal was to bring smiles on those faces. And we did it!