Season of Holiday Magic!!

January 6, 2019

Helping Plan

Each year, December brings holiday magic to thousands of kids and their families – kids and families who’ve been experiencing the uncertainty of homelessness and the stress of poverty. Our annual party for those children who live in poverty is a spectacular, go-all-out fun day event. This year too We “played Santa” and distributed gifts to those children, And what a party it was!
Once again, thanks to the children, parents and staff of Ladies College Colombo for your generous donation of 40 gift packs, we put some smiles on a lot of little faces.
To everyone who volunteered: thank you, wether you painted kids faces; baked the cake, donated for refreshments, collected, dropped off, picked up, sorted, packed or delivered gifts towards this project;
Whether you worked at the party as a greeter, a clown, a santa, or set things up for the party or as an entertainer, a regular old player-with-kids, a taker of pictures. THANK YOU!
Thank you we couldn’t do what we do without the support of our volunteers and donors !