Children’s and Elder’s Day Celebration 2020

November 15, 2020

Helping Plan

Recalling the memorable event we at Carestation celebrated with Children and Elders on the International Day for Children and Elderly at Samata Sarana- An organization which provides free education and meals to 200 children from extremely poverty-stricken families, and shelter for 40 elders (males and females) who are now house-bound. This was a day dedicated to reminding ourselves of the blessings we have in the carefreeness and innocence of children, and it was a day dedicated to reminding ourselves of the wisdom of our elders, and of celebrating them.
We gave out refreshments and gifts for all the kids in different age groups, and we also presented the elders with gifts to cherish.
Games were held for the children and elders, and even the staff, with vouchers being given out for the winners!
Everyone enjoyed the magic show we hosted, and story time with the elders smiling at the fun as the kids gleefully clapped along.
To wrap it all up with a proper Sri Lankan twist to the event, we listened to the elders singing songs from a bygone era as they danced to the baila songs we had handpicked for them.
Kudos to all those who came together to help us in making these celebrations as phenomenally successful as they were! We are grateful to everyone at Team Carestation and beyond, for helping to inspire smiles and happiness, from the gifts and refreshments sponsored by kind donors, to the hard work put in by all the organizers! Thank you all!
We can’t wait for the pandemic to be over so we can continue doing what we love and what brings smiles and joy!
(We’d also like to announce that this event was carried out over a month ago, with the approval of all authorities concerned before the second wave)