#CS132 Elderly Care

February 10, 2020

Helping Plan

A weariness in her old eyes, she sits in the dilapidated little room she calls home.
Widowed and 70 years old, having recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, she struggles to get through the day leaning on her crutches and depending on the charity of kindly neighbours and well-wishers for her day to day activities.
She has no kids and Her only relations, poverty-stricken and struggling themselves cannot afford to provide for her nor do they have the space to accommodate her in their homes.
Having witnessed the direness of her situation. one of our team members visited her in person, we at Carestation immediately took measures to register her at a Care Home in Colombo, for she cannot take care of herself.
The calculated costs to cover her expenses for medicine and other needs, however amounts to Rs.25,000 a month and we request our kind donors to help fund her stay in a place where she could receive the care she needs.
Any amount towards this cause would be greatly appreciated.
There is no greater good than to help someone who cannot help themselves.