#CS115 – Back to School on Wheels 2020

January 20, 2020

Helping Plan


Carestation turned its focus last year towards a new venture for our Back to School project. We received requests from schools in the North for bicycles for their students who have to trek long distances through unsafe areas of uninhabited land to get to school.

Our dedicated team members visited a very rural village in Mannar and identified children from 44 families from all faiths who are having great difficulty getting to school regularly. There is no regular transport which forces them to walk 7/8 Kms to get to school. Our team members who visited the school met with the principal, parents, and the students verified the details and confirmed the poor attendance of the students due to the hardships they have to face daily.

We provided 44 bicycles to ease transportation for these children, the bicycles were distributed equally among children of all religious faiths who otherwise walk long distances to get to school.  We provided a bicycle each for every family so more than one child in each family could make use of the bicycle to get to school.

Distance will no longer be a barrier to their confidence and success in education.